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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Average Face Of 400 CEOs - Business Insider

The Average Face Of 400 CEOs - Business Insider:

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If you ever wondered why you are not able to progress up the corporate ladder then look in the mirror!

Researchers 'Averaged' The Faces Of 400 CEOs — And The Results Say A Lot About Race In Business

What happens when you combine the faces of 400 CEOs? 
A startling picture of just how similar, and pale, our modern leaders are.
SumoCoupon, the money-saving coupon company, used the face-manipulation software Psychomorph to "average" the faces of 400 executives in 10 different industries, from nonprofits to entertainment to transportation. They also averaged the age and income of CEOs in each industry. 
Some of the results are to be expected (e.g., startup CEOs are about 15 years younger than the rest), while others are more surprising (female leaders in politics seem to have shorter hair than the other women).
See the images below.

average face of a ceo

Read more: http://uk.businessinsider.com/the-average-face-of-400-ceos-2014-12?r=US#ixzz3Mi4Q5EcG


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